Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship 2024-2025

Through a variety of scholarships, aspirant students are given the chance to pursue their academic goals every year. The Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship is one such prestigious award that offers hope to those pursuing academic success. Let’s examine the relevance and effects of this scholarship on the lives of worthy students as we begin the academic year 2024–2025.

The Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship is well known for its dedication to helping deserving students achieve their academic goals. This scholarship was created with the intention of encouraging leadership, academic success, and community service. For many people, it has come to represent empowerment.

Program Background

The Zonta Club of Washington, D.C. granted the first medical scholarship in 1965 because to the kindness and vision of Dr. Edith SeVille Coale. Since then, worthy recipients have received over $1.3 million in awards from the club. In Mansfield, Ohio, Dr. Edith SeVille Coale was born in 1878. She started her lengthy and prosperous medical career in Washington, DC, in 1913. She was elected to the Washington, D.C. Zonta Club in 1923 and held the position of President from 1933 to 1934. When Dr. Coale passed away in 1962, her will stipulated that the Zonta Club of Washington, D.C. would be in charge of allocating the majority of her fortune to scholarships for female medical students.


  • Female medical students starting their second or third year of study
    must perform academically far above average.
  • Demonstrates a desire for money

Registered at any of the subsequent medical schools:

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  • Applications for Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship are accepted from January through April; however, in 2024, due to the FAFSA Form’s delay, the deadline has been extended to May.
  • Each year by June, the decision and award are made.

Selection Process

Usually, a group of distinguished people is in charge of the selection procedure, assessing candidates on the basis of their qualifications, aptitude for leadership, and contributions to their communities. The scholarship is given to people who not only perform very well academically but also exemplify Edith SeVille Coale’s ideals and enthusiasm, thanks to the strict selection procedure.


Award Amount

Vary from $5,000 to $8,000

Academic Year 2024 – 2025

  • January 2024: The start of the scholarship application period
    The deadline for submitting completed applications and any supporting materials is May 14, 2024.
  • Notification of Award Dates: June 2024
    If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Academic Year 2023 – 2024

On August 28, 2023, the awards for the previous academic year were announced. The Club gave out $41,500 in total, which was split among thirteen deserving beneficiaries.

The Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship will continue to empower students and promote academic success as it moves into the 2024–2025 school year. This scholarship is a monument to the idea that everyone can achieve their goals with perseverance and assistance, especially for those who aspire to a higher education.

It is advised that prospective applicants check the official scholarship website frequently for updates on the most recent information and application instructions. The Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship represents the continuing spirit of people who think that education has the ability to change lives in addition to offering a means of study.

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