Nursing Research Program 2024-2025

Nursing Research Program

With the start of the Nursing Research Program 2024–2025, the nursing profession is preparing for a revolutionary time as we approach 2024. This program, which aims to address current issues, improve patient outcomes, and contribute to the general evolution of nursing practices, is positioned to be a cornerstone in the advancement of healthcare through innovative research.

Objectives of the Nursing Research Program 2024-2025


The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Nursing Research Program aims to provide a pathway for nurses with leadership experience in research to pursue meaningful research projects within a broad scientific and clinical context. others are

  • Exploration of Emerging Healthcare Technologies

The program will concentrate on investigating the incorporation of artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and other cutting-edge tools into nursing practices to enhance patient care, diagnosis, and treatment in light of the rapid advancement of healthcare technologies.

  • Patient-Centered Experience and Care

The program’s goal is to investigate research initiatives that center on improving the patient experience. Studies on personalized care plans, communication tactics, and the effect of nursing practices on patient satisfaction and general well-being are all included in this.

  • Global Health and Nursing

Given the interdependence of global health, the program will conduct research projects that investigate the role of nurses in tackling global health issues. This covers research on global healthcare inequities, maternal health, and infectious disease trends.

  • Mental Health and Nursing Practices

One of the most important aspects of total wellbeing is mental wellness. The program will concentrate on research projects that look into early intervention techniques, the role of nurses in promoting mental health, and how nursing practices affect mental health outcomes.

  • Innovative Teaching and Training Methods
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The program will investigate and create cutting-edge teaching and training techniques in recognition of the value of ongoing education for nurses. In order to improve the abilities and expertise of nursing practitioners, this includes integrating modern learning tools, simulation, and virtual reality.

  • Nursing Leadership and Policy Advocacy

The program will examine how nursing leadership plays a role in policy advocacy, with the goal of promoting good change in healthcare systems. This include investigating successful leadership techniques, the creation of policies, and the influence of nursing leaders on the process of developing healthcare policies.

Eligibility Criteria

Primary Applicant

The principal candidate must be a registered nurse, have research experience that is documented, have credentials that are on par with those of an associate professor or senior researcher, and be able to lead research and supervise scientists. Furthermore, primary candidates must be connected to and physically present at a Danish university, hospital, university college, or other non-profit research facility where the study will be conducted.


There may be a maximum of four co-applicants from the nursing profession and other pertinent professions. These people should have a financial interest in the grant and be expected to contribute scientifically to the project. It is highly advised that the applicant submit applications with qualified co-applicants. Co-applicants must have formal research experience and have a track record of research activity, such as a Ph.D. or equivalent. They must to be connected to a hospital, university, or other nonprofit research organization in Denmark.

Study Subject

The Nursing Research Program focuses on nursing research associated with the creation of novel approaches in palliative care, therapies, rehabilitation, and illness prevention. In order to improve nursing practices and patient care, it also includes research on nursing-related areas of healthcare system administration and organization.

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For a single five-year research project, up to DKK 7.5 million is offered. A total budget ranging from DKK 7 million to DKK 7.5 million is achieved by allocating money at a rate of about DKK 1.5 million year.

Application Procedure

Applications must be completed and submitted via NORMA, the NNF’s online grant management and application system, which may be found at You may find comprehensive instructions on how to use and navigate NORMA in the guidelines’ chapter 2. Note that ‘overhead’ costs like rent, utilities, water, upkeep, etc. are not eligible for reimbursement with the award.

Notification of Grant Award

Applicants will be notified of the status of the grant award after all applications have been evaluated. [email protected] will send the notification email to the email address you provided when you first registered.

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